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The Sierra South Used Boat Barn
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Dagger  Mamba 8.6 Creeker   Condition: B+
ID: 1747   S/N: mamba86z1g3b   Color: Red

Consignment. Great condition. Includes Level 6 XS waist/L deck skirt in excellent condition.

Boat Barn Price: $799.00   MSRP When New: $1,159.00

Image 1 of 55.   Category: Whitewater Kayaks

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Dagger  Nomad 8.1   Condition: B-
ID: 1757   S/N: nomad81hggpgred   Color: Red

Consignment. Excellent Creeker from the most recent past generation. Plenty of creeks left in this boat. 8' x 25.25". 42lbs. Cap 110-190lbs. Vol 68 gal.

Boat Barn Price: $449.00   MSRP When New: $1,049.00

Image 2 of 55.   Category: Whitewater Kayaks

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Jackson Kayak  Fun 1   Condition: A
ID: 1719   S/N: fun108700amber   Color: Amber

2017 Fleet.

Boat Barn Price: $599.00   MSRP When New: $749.00

Image 3 of 55.   Category: Whitewater Kayaks

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Jackson Kayak  Fun 1.5   Condition: A
ID: 1718   S/N: fun1508778amber   Color: Amber

2017 Fleet.

Boat Barn Price: $599.00   MSRP When New: $799.00

Image 4 of 55.   Category: Whitewater Kayaks

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Jackson Kayak  Fun 2 (2 Fun)   Condition: B
ID: 1669   S/N: 2funrs423blue   Color: Blue

Consignment. Old style 2Fun. Great for smaller teenagers and women. 6'2" x 24.5". 30lbs. 48gal. Cap. 110-155lbs. Includes 2 floatbags,snapdragon xs Trek sprayskirt,Happy feet/Sweet Cheeks, & sponge.

Boat Barn Price: $499.00   MSRP When New: $999.00

Image 5 of 55.   Category: Whitewater Kayaks

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Ordering Info - Terms & Conditions

  • Prices are quoted for specific boats pictured.
  • Prices listed do not include shipping.
  • The charge for shipping a new or used kayak to a freight terminal or to a business address is estimated to be $150 - $180 depending on the size of the kayak and how far it needs to go. Please call us at (800) 376-7303 or email for a shipping quote when ordering a kayak. Residential Delivery is possible for an additional charge.
  • Due to rising fuel prices and freight costs, shipping companies are charging higher fees to ship the longer kayaks. Please keep this in mind when shopping for a boat.
  • Sierra South does not accept returns on used Kayaks and used equipment.
  • All sales are final on used Kayaks and used equipment.
  • If you do not see the boat you are looking for, or have questions, please call 1-800-376-7303.

Sierra South Consignment Program

Sierra South has a great online Used Boat Barn. We sell lots of used kayaks! Let us sell your boat for you. Just bring us your used boat, fill out the required paperwork and we'll do all the work. We ship your kayak anywhere in the US and often sell them right here in Kernville. Put our popular web site to work for you. Sierra South takes a 25% consignment fee if you turn your dollars into Store Credit. This Store Credit can be used in our store anytime for anything and does not expire. We take a 30% consignment fee if you would like a check. A check will be issued within 2-3 weeks of the sale of your kayak. You do not get paid for the kayak until it sells, ships and is accepted by the buyer. You can set the price on your kayak or we would be happy to suggest a price for you based on the condition of the boat and current market value. You own the boat and can take it out of the consignment program at anytime. Sierra South reserves the right to refuse kayaks we consider un-sellable (beat up dinosaurs).

Sierra South Used Kayak Rating System

A+ Brand New, or if it's on the used boat barn it may have been paddled on flat water only. Hard to tell if it has ever been in the water.
A Paddled a couple of times on moving water, has a few scratches, possibly just from moving around in the warehouse.
A- Paddled a handful of times. Still looks new, with scratches on the bottom.
B+ Used, however still looks great.
B Visible scratches. Hull is still rigid.
B- More scratches. Hull is still rigid.
C+ Visibly scratched all over. Possibly faded. Worn hull. Hull is still rigid.
C Well used. Lots of scratches. Hull could have minor oil-canning.
C- Loved near to death. Oil-canning possible. Heavily scratched. Some deep gouges. Still floats. Great for starters.
D+ Great for Garden Planters and/or Winter Sled

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